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Wode Maya

Wode Maya, an influential Vlogger and YouTuber, emerged as a beacon of change in reshaping perceptions about Africans living in China. What began as a personal endeavour to challenge negative stereotypes has transformed into a movement empowering the African diaspora and uniting communities worldwide.
Early Life and Journey
Born and raised in [Ahekofi/Takoradi/Ghana], Wode Maya, whose real name is Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, was driven by a relentless passion to challenge misconceptions about Africans. His experiences in China, where he pursued education and later settled, inspired him to start his vlogging journey.
The Vlogging Odyssey
With his first-hand experiences, Wode Maya embarked on a vlogging journey on YouTube, capturing the reality of African life in China. His content, infused with humour, authenticity, and a commitment to truth, quickly gained traction, resonating not only with the African diaspora but also with global audiences seeking a genuine perspective.
Becoming the Welcome Train for the African Diaspora
What set Wode Maya apart was his ability to humanize the African experience in China, showcasing the diverse stories, challenges, and triumphs of Africans living abroad. His videos became a guide for many in the diaspora, offering advice, encouragement, and a sense of belonging, earning him the title of the “Welcome Train” for those reconnecting with their African roots.
Impact and Influence
Wode Maya’s impact extends beyond the realm of vlogging. He has ignited conversations, challenged stereotypes, and served as a catalyst for change. His unwavering commitment to showcasing the vibrant, multifaceted reality of African life has inspired a community of change-makers and storytellers committed to rewriting the narrative of the continent.
Advocacy and Achievements
Beyond his vlogging endeavors, Wode Maya has actively advocated for empowerment, education, and entrepreneurship within the African community. He’s been recognized for his efforts in fostering unity, understanding, and pride among Africans worldwide.
Speaking at “Bridging Communities”
As a special guest at the “Content Creators Event” event by Webnation Africa, Wode Maya will share insights, experiences, and wisdom, inspiring creators and diasporans to continue redefining narratives, fostering collaboration, and celebrating the rich tapestry of African stories.

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