TV Personality / Travel Vlogger

Mz Dru

Mz Dru, a dynamic TV personality and travel vlogger, embarked on a life-changing journey from the UK to Ghana, driven by a passion for content creation and a commitment to using her platform to advocate for women’s empowerment.
Early Life and Transition
Hailing from the UK, Mz Dru, known off-screen as [Drusilla Lartey], made a bold decision to relocate to Ghana, fueled by a desire to explore her roots and contribute to the media landscape. Her move signified a pivotal moment in her life, reflecting her unwavering dedication to her craft and to making a meaningful impact.
Television and Content Creation
In Ghana, Mz Dru quickly made her mark in the media industry. Her vibrant presence and infectious enthusiasm on national TV brought joy to audiences, leaving smiles on the faces of people across the country. Her journey as a TV personality has not only entertained but also inspired others through her storytelling and charisma.
Advocacy for Women’s Empowerment
Beyond entertainment, Mz Dru has used her platform to advocate for women’s empowerment. Her influence and visibility have been instrumental in highlighting issues affecting women, promoting gender equality, and amplifying the voices of women in various spheres of life. Her commitment to this cause has made a significant impact on both local and global audiences.
Speaking at “Bridging Communities”
As a featured speaker at the “Content Creators” event by Webnation Africa, Mz Dru will share her experiences, insights, and advocacy for women’s empowerment. Her journey from the UK to Ghana and her impactful work as a TV personality and content creator will serve as an inspiration, encouraging collaboration, diversity, and the celebration of African narratives.

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