Youtuber / Content Creator


Sharkboy, a University of Ghana alum with a background in Marketing, has emerged as a significant influencer among the youth in Ghana. His content creation journey focuses on engaging and resonating with the Gen Z audience, crafting messages that bring smiles to the faces of Ghanaian youth.
Education and Content Creation
Armed with a degree in Marketing from the University of Ghana, Sharkboy ventured into content creation that speaks directly to the hearts of the younger generation. His ability to curate content that resonates with the youth, drawing attention and admiration, has led to the growth of an impressive subscriber base, crossing the 180,000 mark.
Youth Engagement and Impact
Sharkboy’s success is not merely measured by numbers but by the genuine impact he’s made on the Ghanaian youth. His consistent effort and hard work have been instrumental in delivering messages and entertainment that uplift, entertain, and connect with the Gen Z audience, a feat not easily achieved in the digital sphere.
Reaching Gen Z with Consistency
The key to Sharkboy’s success lies in his consistency and dedication to producing content that engages, educates, and entertains. His approach to crafting messages and stories tailored for the Gen Z audience has resulted in a devoted following, making him a significant influencer among the youth in Ghana.
As a special guest at the “Content Creators” event by Webnation Africa, Sharkboy’s insights, experiences, and ability to connect with the Gen Z audience through content creation will inspire creators and diasporans to understand the power of reaching and engaging with diverse audiences, fostering collaboration, and celebrating the vibrant narratives of Africa.

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