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More To Dela

More To Dela, a UK-born content creator with Ghanaian heritage, embarked on a transformative journey by relocating to Ghana in 2014. Her experiences, both highs and lows, have fueled a passion for sharing her stories, revealing the truths of living abroad and navigating the challenges of being a single mother of four.
Roots and Resettlement in Ghana
Born in the UK to Ghanaian parents, Dela’s decision to move to Ghana in 2014 signified a pivotal moment in her life. Her deep connection to Ghana and the diverse experiences she’s encountered in the country have shaped her perspective and fueled her desire to share the realities of her journey.
Passion for Ghana and Unveiling Realities
Dela’s YouTube channel, More To Dela, serves as a platform where she candidly shares her experiences and insights. Her content offers a window into the complexities of living abroad, the joy of embracing her Ghanaian heritage, and the daunting yet inspiring journey of being a single mother of four, starting anew.
Narrating Realities and Resilience
Through her videos, Dela brings to light the real, unfiltered experiences of her life. She doesn’t shy away from the challenges she’s faced but instead showcases her resilience, offering a genuine portrayal of the trials and triumphs of her journey. Her storytelling resonates with audiences seeking authentic narratives.
As a special guest at the “Bridging Communities” event by Webnation Africa, More To Dela’s stories of resilience, adaptation, and the complexities of her journey as a single mother living abroad will inspire creators and diasporans. Her insights highlight the power of personal narratives in reshaping perceptions and fostering a deeper understanding of diverse experiences within the African diaspora.

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