Content Creator / Brand Ambassador

Ivy Prosper

The woman behind the digital marketing of Ghana’s monumental Year of Return campaign and now Beyond the Return.
Ivy Prosper is a multifaceted force dedicated to reshaping the narrative of Africa and advocating for women’s empowerment. Her illustrious career spans media, content creation, advocacy, and speaking engagements, embodying a passionate commitment to transforming perceptions and uplifting women.
Early Life and Career Transition
Born in Ghana and immigrating to Canada at a young age, Ivy’s journey through various industries started with fashion design and management. Her transition into the media world began with studies in Radio & Television Broadcasting, propelling her into a dynamic career encompassing reporting, hosting, producing, and scriptwriting.
Influencing the Narrative of Africa
Ivy’s pivotal role as the Social Media Manager for Ghana Tourism Authority’s ‘Year of Return’ and ‘Beyond the Return’ campaigns highlighted her dedication to showcasing Africa as a destination for travel, business, and potential relocation. Her efforts have been instrumental in encouraging the global African diaspora to explore the rich cultural heritage of Ghana.
Award-Winning Content Creation and Advocacy
As an award-winning content creator, Ivy Prosper manages a vibrant YouTube channel, sharing engaging stories and interviews from Ghana, encompassing travel experiences and cultural insights. Her advocacy for women’s rights is a cornerstone of her work, fearlessly addressing gender disparity and advocating for equality.
Media Impact and Notable Engagements
Ivy’s career in media and reporting has provided her with remarkable opportunities, from featuring in major publications to engaging with influential figures. Her role as a Consultant/Fixer on the Christiane Amanpour series ‘Sex & Love Around the World’ showcased her expertise. Additionally, her work as a reporter and producer includes engaging interviews with prominent personalities like Idris Elba, Barry Jenkins, and Akon.
Global Recognition and Speaking Engagements
Her contributions to maternal health reporting earned her a feature in The African Business Journal and recognition at the Women in the World conference in New York City. Ivy Prosper continues to be a voice for change, advocating for women’s rights and addressing societal concerns through her speaking engagements and media presence.
As a featured Beyond The Return Ambassador at the “Content Creators” event by Webnation Africa, Ivy Prosper’s insights, experiences, and unwavering dedication to reshaping the African narrative and advocating for women’s empowerment will inspire creators and diasporans to embrace change and celebrate the diverse narratives of Africa.

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