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Amoaning Samuel

Amoaning Samuel, a luminary hailing from the Central Region of Ghana, has carved a remarkable path as a dynamic force in media, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. Armed with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Ghana Media School, Samuel is the visionary founder of Entamoty Media Limited, a platform that amplifies his multifaceted contributions.
As a radio personality, Samuel leveraged his platform to address pressing social issues, becoming a vocal advocate against social vices like revenge porn and drug abuse. His impactful advocacy against revenge porn extended beyond the airwaves, as he actively campaigned for the criminalization of this harmful act by Ghanaian lawmakers. In the fight against drug abuse, Samuel passionately championed the call for a ban on the use of Tramadol, showcasing his commitment to societal well-being.
In 2021, Samuel initiated the Zeepay YT Creators Festival, a groundbreaking collaboration with ICS Africa and part of the Government of Ghana’s Beyond the Return campaign. This visionary endeavor aimed not only to celebrate YouTube creators but also to empower female creators and youth with essential digital skills, contributing to closing Ghana’s unemployment rate gap.
Amoaning Samuel’s influence extends beyond advocacy to notable recognitions. In 2018, he earned a coveted spot among the top 50 most influential bloggers in Ghana, a testament to his impact on the digital landscape. As a distinguished speaker at the TEDxAccra series of African thought-leadership events, he further solidified his status as a thought leader.
The year 2019 brought accolades, with nominations for Male Entrepreneur and Overall Entrepreneur of the Year at the Achievers Summit and Awards. Samuel clinched the Blogger of the Year award at the Social Media and Entertainment Awards, affirming his popularity among the audience. In 2020, he secured the title of Digital Marketer of the Year at the Youth Excellence Awards.
Amoaning Samuel’s journey continued to ascend as he featured among the 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaians in 2021 for the second time, courtesy of Avance Media. His prowess in the digital realm culminated in winning the Vlogger of the Year award on behalf of Entamoty Media at the Ghana Most Influential Youth Awards.
Samuel’s story is one of resilience, advocacy, and innovative entrepreneurship, making him a standout figure in Ghana’s media landscape and a catalyst for positive change.

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